Coronavirus Testing, Covid-19 Testing, and Flu Testing are just some of the things that WILL NOT be found here.

This page does not contain medical advice. This page is provided simply as an informational and satirical starting point for people to do their own research. If you believe you have any medical condition, call a doctor or 911.

But while you are here you should probably consider donating to Donald Trump’s campaign for reelection.

Why should you do that?

Because Trump might be the only politician on earth that doesn’t want to forcefully inject you with an unproven cocktail of toxic chemicals while stealing your children under the pretext of “contact tracing” fascism.

While you may have arrived here looking for coronavirus testing, flu testing, or something similar, there is no medical advice on this page or on links from this page. Call a doctor if you think you may have a medical condition, and call 911 if it is an emergency.

But other than that…Who is Bill Gates?

Eugenics Fan Club Meeting circa 2001

Is this just another Million Page Project site?

Take Control of Your Domain Names

The truth is that the real danger is contact tracing. The case for that can be seen here at the Resist Contact Tracing site.

Also, who is Dr. Judy Mikovits? Here is another White House petition, this one to have Mikovits tesitfy about who Fauci the Fraud really is and who he runs with.

Still here? Watch “Out of Shadows

Now you’ve been what is called “red-pilled” and should go here.

How about this remarkable doc?

Or maybe check out

Take Control of Your Domain Names



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